Real-World solutions for modern day threats

Technical Security Controls that add real value to your business

Our services are designed to help defend against modern day 'real-world' threats.

The threat landscape changes daily, threat actors are constantly evolving to find new ways to cause harm to businesses. SMARTSEC services utilise the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures to help your business defend against this ever increasing threat.

  • 01 Penetration Testing

    Our Penetration Testing services allows your business to quickly identify threats and reduce risk. All our testing aligns to industry best practice and follows industry methodologies for your peace of mind. We are with you every step of the way to guide you through the whole process to ensure you get the very best value add service.

  • More and more organisations are moving towards the Cloud. As applications, services and platforms migrate the scope of the client security responsibilities can sometimes become unclear leading to insecure deployments and poor security practices. We can perform architectural reviews,Cloud audits and Security testing to help you mitigate risks commonly found within cloud environments.

  • As more and more organisations become digital and push their services online application security has never been so important. Being able to identify and fix security issues early on in the development lifecycle is paramount for any digital business, but not only this, being able to embed a robust SDLC that can be measured for success is crucial to drive forward standards and improvements, especially in the agile world where deployments are automated through CI/CD pipelines. We can help you build, embed and mature your application security program.


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