What we're all about

Great customer experience is what we strive for.

What We Do?

Here at SMARTSEC we offer a range of Cyber Security Solutions to our clients primarily focusing on the Offensive and Defensive side of security., this includes Penetration Testing, Intelligence Led Testing, Red Team exercises, Purple Team concepts & Threat Intelligence. We also specialise in building robust high performing internal teams in all these areas.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, along with providing a great experience for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

We are industry qualified with many years of experience working for some of the largest UK organisations. This is where we gained our experience building internal teams, aligning to different security strategies and priorities, and liaising with senior stakeholders to perform 100’s of Penetration Tests, Red Team Engagements & Threat Intelligence exercises.

We use this experience to deliver ‘real-world’ context to our clients, allowing them to make the right decisions for the future.

Why we started?

Very simply to add value. Over the years it became apparent to me that there was a lack of ‘real-world’ context from Penetration Testing services and other offensive services, thus drastically reducing the value add to many organisations I worked for. At SMARTSEC we bridge this gap, using our Threat Intelligence experience and knowledge of modern-day attack scenarios used by current threat actors to really hammer home to our clients the impact of our findings.

We appreciate Penetration Testing is a requirement for many legislations, however when the right context is added to findings it can quickly help focus on areas where investment is needed and should be part of a robust security strategy.