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A blend of Offensive & Defensive Techniques to Keep your business secure.

Penetration Testing

Threat Intelligence

DevSecOps - CI/CD

Offensive Security

Testing your systems and applications for any vulnerabilities is essential to ensuring your business is protected against the latest threats. Having the confidence in your People, Process and Technology helps your business detected, respond and eradicate modern day threats. Our services are designed to represent modern day attack vectors to specifically give your business the right context and assurances it needs to stay protected. Penetration Testing, Red Team Engagements, Adversary Simulation.

Defensive Security

Understanding your People, Process and Technology is key to defending your organisation. Testing your defensive security controls regularly is critical to drive forward continued improvements, but also to improve your people and processes which underpin these technical controls. Our services are designed to help any organisation improve their defensive technical security controls, from small subtle changes to building fully scalable teams and functions that address the need and skills to defend against modern day threats. Threat Modelling, Embedding Security in CI/CD pipelines Threat Intelligence functions, Threat Hunting Models, Purple Team Functions, Incident Response Plans / Run books.


We’ve helped numerous organisations get the very best from their technical security controls. We help plan, deliver and mature new or existing security functions within businesses. Get the very best from your people, process and technology and drive forward measurable continued improvements. Some of the great projects we have worked on:- Mature internal Penetration Testing processes, Embed robust security within modern day Ci/CD pipelines, Building threat awareness and cyber threat intelligence functions, Mature blue team capabilities within the security operation space, Build/Embed and champion Purple Team functionality.

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