Red Team Assessments

Red Team Assessments


Red Team Assessments

What is the difference between a Penetration Test and a Red Team Assessment?

A Penetration test is point in time assessment designed to test a system or application to identify vulnerabilities which could be exploited by an attacker, it helps a business determine risk and potential impact.

A red team emulates Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (commonly known as TTP’s) of real adversaries to improve People, Process & Technology. They are intelligence led assessments that concentrate on new exploits, tools or TTP’s. The main goal is to make the blue team better by testing their detection and response capabilities, policies, procedure and technologies.

Types of Red Team Assessments

Adversary Emulations – Full scale end-to-end assessment against the target. This is the most realistic assessment an organisation can endure and mimics a real-world attack.
Social Engineering – Attacking the human element in numerous ways Phishing, Vishing etc and physical.
Table top Exercises / Wargaming – A walk through of a simulated situation where key people from the organisation answer what if questions and explore potential outcomes. A table top exercise does not involve any real testing.

Why Perform a Red Team Assessment?

Get a holistic view of your organisations cyber security posture, understand if a breached occurred how well your business can detect, eradicate and recover. Measure your people, process and technology to ensure they are effective and coincide with each other. Test assumptions, for example, your critical controls, ensure that they are working as you expect them to be and lastly train and improve from lessons learned.

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