Security Operations

Security Operations

Having a monitoring and detection capability is possibly one of the most significant expenses a business can make, so getting the very best results is paramount to making it a success. Whether you have a managed service provider or your on inhouse SOC – we can help make sure you get the very best return on investment.

We can help optimize your SOC


The ATT&CK knowledge base is used as a foundation for the development of specific threat models and methodologies in the private sector, in government, and in the cybersecurity product and service community. We use MITRE to determine and assess appropriate coverage, for validating effectiveness and identifying gaps against adversarial TTP’s


We help identify logs that are useful for collection or eliminate those which offer no real value for your SIEM. Keeping your SIEM healthy is essential for top performance. Reduce costs by only collecting logs which are really needed.


Build effective processes for investigation (Detection, Response, Containment, Eradication, Recovery) Increase productivity with automation and refine complex workflows.


Continually testing your security controls, people, process and technology is crucial to ensuring you are always improving and refining your security posture. Purple teams are the best of both worlds, combining both the red and blue (attack and defence) to work together transparently. Embedding this capability is essential for continual improvement.


Don’t just collect feeds/sources, apply intelligence that can be consumed and disseminated throughout the organisation that helps improve your organisations overall security posture. We can help you build an appropriate threat intelligence function for operational, tactical and strategic insights.

Handle Incidents With Confidence


Determine your organisations ability to detect compromises effectively. We help your organisation by simulating breach scenarios, we use a wide variety of tactics techniques and procedures (TTP’s) employed by various threat actors with the aim to identify gaps within your technical controls and security processes.


A reactive stance is no longer sufficient in todays world – Newer technologies are great at alerting your security staff to possible breaches but often attackers leave traces long before breaches actually occur. Adopting a more proactive approach, developing a threat hunting capability can give your security team an early indication something is not quite right.  We can help you business with building and developing your threat hunting program, determining detection, logging and data collection gaps and creating metrics.


Investigators need repeatable processes they can follow when investigating incidents, having these clearly documented for your analysts allows for consistency during investigations, not only this it allows your organisation to build a roadmap and automate where necessary speeding up the time it takes to investigate incidents.


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