Working closley with SMEs to help them secure their business.


SMEs are unfortunately becoming top targets for cyber criminals. With the shortage of resources, skills gaps and high costs these challenges soon become problematic for many who are trying to successfully manage and prioritise risk within their business. SMARTSEC provide a number of solutions to help businesses take control and stay secure.

Threat intelligence

Gain an insight into the modern-day attacks that could impact your business. Understand the Tactics, Techniques & Procedures utilised by adversaries.

Ongoing Testing

Boost your defensive capabilities by using ongoing structured targeted testing that gives you a deeper insight into how you can detect, prevent, eradicate against modern days attacks.


Save time and costs by investing in the key areas that will make a real difference in protecting your most critical assets against an ever evolving Threat Landscape.


Vulnerability Management

A time consuming task, we can help by validating the existance of vulnerabilities so you can prioritise and address those that are most critical to your environment.

Penetration Testing

Gain an understanding of your current security posture, meet compliance needs and get assurance that your systems and applications are secure.

Adversary Simulation

Understand how your business would cope against a real-world attack by testing your defensive capabilities - Testing People, Process & Technology.

Adversary Detection

Mature how you detect, respond and eradicate attacks in your environment by implementing robust frameworks and understanding best practice.

Threat Intelligence

Understand the threat landscape thats specific to your environment. Identify the Tactics, Techniques & Procedures used and how you can defend against them.

Consultancy Services

We've worked with a numerous businesses in a number of roles on both large and small scale projects, we are always available to work for you.

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